‘Bones’ Spring Return Set, Plus A Movie Set Murder

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February 15, 2012

Fox has finally announced the return of Bones. The hit drama will have it’s Spring premiere Thursday, April 5 with “The Prisoner In The Pipe”, which will open with Booth and Brennan will be at odds over plans for the upcoming birth of their daughter. In addition, I have some spoilery goodness to pass along about another upcoming Bones episode. According to TV Guide, one of Brennan’s best sellers is making it’s way to Hollywood and B&B will get to meet their less than stellar movie-star alter egos. Here’s the deets:

A murder on set brings Booth and Bones and their movie alter egos together. Booth’s stand-in is an action star whose stunts aren’t limited to filming. It seems his criminal history of drug use and assault are just attempts to make headlines on TMZ. The actress playing Brennan? Well, she’s kind of a slut.