Bones Spoilers: Tamara Taylor Teases Cam's New Love Interest

Bones Spoilers: Tamara Taylor Teases Cam's New Love Interest

Bones star Tamara Taylor spoiled about her upcoming new love interest in season 8. Taylor tease's she finally knows who it is and fans will be not only shocked, but pleased. Plus, she gives a little dish about this Monday's all new episode, "The Tiger In The Tale".

So your love interest, do you know who it is?
I finally know. I've read the script, finally.

When do we find out?
They break it in episode five.

Last time you didn't know who it was, and now, are you shocked? Are you pleased?
Pleasantly surprised. I am a little surprised, but pleasantly so.

Are we going to be shocked?
I think so.

It's not Sweets (John Francis Daley), is it?
That would shock me. That would be really shocking, a little inappropriate on some level as well. I don't want to say anything. I don't want to say anything. [Editor’s note: She’s trying very hard not to say anything here, isn’t she? Hmm.]

Is it an underling?
Who knows? Well, you realize there are so many people that you see. You kind of go, “Okay. Well, that turns into a larger pool than we've got.” It's not necessarily someone I'm close and personal to. It could be someone in passing that I’ve had a couple of episodes with. I don't want to give too much away. But he's very cool.

Can you say anything about episodes two, three, and four?
I know what we're doing for episode four, which is we found a body in a garbage truck. And it has something to do with a community of artists that are all suspects, and it's kind of crazy.

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