‘Bones’ Spoilers: Resentment Sets In For Booth And Brennan

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September 12, 2012

Bones left off with Brennan and baby Christine on the lam, which left Booth in the proverbial dust and alone. When Bones returns September 17th, fans will see some serious resentment set in for both parents. How do you think our couple will handle the added stress of building resentment?

Although Booth takes a few verbal jabs in the premiere, you won’t really begin to see his true emotions come out right away. “I think the initial reaction is relief and gratitude that [Brennan and Baby Christine] are fine,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. “The second episode is where [Booth] realizes he resents this person, that he’s angry at her.” But Nathan hints that Brennan’s got some issues of her own. “Brennan has lived her entire life quite independently,” Nathan says. “She’s realizing for the first time that she’s terribly interconnected with Booth… and this kind of shakes the foundation of who she feels she’s been all these years. [She may] resent the fact that she gave herself over to another person.”

Source: TV Guide