Bones Spoilers: Pelant’s Return Is Close To Home In An Extreme Way

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January 9, 2013

Since the New Year has broke, Bones has been renewed for their ninth season and is set to have a tremendous second half to season 8. Pelant is returning in a big way and this time it’s too close for comfort for Hodgins and Angela, in the January 21st episode, “The Corpse in the Canopy”.

“He’s coming back in a really extreme way,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan of the 24-esque episode. “He has somehow gotten himself another identity and has installed himself in a Blackwater-type organization where he has access to military equipment.” Nathan also confirms that the episode opens with “a body being discovered in Angela and Hodgins’ bed,” adding, “Pelant has [clearly] been in their house. And they have a child. So it really escalates the story.”

Source: TV Line