Bones Spoilers: News On The Money Front For Hodgin’s And Season Finale Scoop!!

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March 9, 2013

Bones is gearing up for some surprising reveals as season 8 winds down. EP Stephan Nathan teases some big developments in Hodgin’s recent money issues and spoils the Booth centered, season 8 finale surprises and reveals.

“There’s a very, very surprising development with Hodgins and his money issues that involves Finn… and hot sauce. And a visit from someone who was competing to be one of the Top Chef Masters,” teases EP Stephen Nathan. “It’s a perfect storm of food and money.”

Any GH fans getting a Pickle-Lila vibe from this?

You already know that we’ll meet Booth’s mom (as played by Joanna Cassidy). You also know it will feature “one more surprising piece of the Brennan/Booth marriage dilemma.” But what I’m fairly certain you don’t know is that the title of this season’s final episode is “The Secret in the Siege” — and, according to exec producer Stephen Nathan, “It takes Booth back to a Ruby Ridge situation he was involved in years before. And Pelant, of course, is pulling some strings to complicate things further.”

Source: TV Line