Bones Spoilers: Jacuzzi Time Gone Wrong and More Undercover Work For Booth

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October 31, 2012

Bones has been on a mini-hiatus, but will return November 5th with all new episodes. In celebration, I have a couple of spoilery bites to pass along concerning an awkward Jacuzzi scene and some more undercover work for Booth. When Bones returns, the newly single Sweets will be moving in with Booth and Brennan, and of course chaos will shortly ensue.

Although the arrangement begins because Booth pities Sweets, who’s been sleeping in his office, Seeley soon becomes less than enamored with his houseguest. Why? Let’s just say it involves a Jacuzzi and some unfortunate timing. Also: Ever wondered what kind of superhero skivvies Booth wears? Wonder no more!

An upcoming episode will have Booth charging into the world of roller derby to solve a murder, and guess who has to go undercover to infiltrate the dangerous world of girls on skates? It will surely be a bruising episode for everyone, to say the least.

Source: EOnline, TV Guide