Bones Spoilers: Hart Hanson and Stephan Nathan Tease Upcoming Episodes

Bones Spoilers: Hart Hanson and Stephan Nathan Tease Upcoming Episodes

Creator Hart Hanson and EP Stephan Nathan recently spoiled about several upcoming episodes of Bones, including next week's episode, "The Patriot in Purgatory". As we head into November sweeps and the new year, Bones will be delivering great writing, undercover work for Booth and Brennan, surprising reveals about key supporting players and much more.


“I think the reality of–without giving anything away–the reality of the victim has a profound effect on everybody because this someone that has been previously undiscovered,” said Nathan. “This is someone who has been in the Jeffersonian bone room for many years and has been anonymous up until this point. So giving someone an identity, someone who died–you know, everyone’s life is worth of respect and reverence, and to have someone who was up to this point anonymous to be given their life back, their identity back, is a profoundly moving experience for everybody.” Hanson adds, “We know that on 9/11, there were acts of great heroism done that nobody knows about. And we just wanted to take a look at, pull the veil back on one of those possible stories. And that kind of thing has a huge effect on characters.'

Booth and Brennan

“So far, knocking on wood, this has been a very rich lode for us to mine, the two of them living together with a baby and continuing to live lives and solve crimes,” said Hanson. “So far, we don’t have to do anything big to throw a wrench into that machine. It’s working just fine. Lots of new stories–as many as I think as we had in the beginning, when there was just sexual tension.” Nathan continues, “I think what we’ve done this season, hopefully, is kind of give them stories that are overwhelming emotionally so we see how they react as a couple, so that they see how their relationship is tested and we’re doing that by keeping Pelant alive, by adding someone to their household, which will happen soon, and also putting themselves in situations that they never expected themselves to be in. We have an episode coming up where Brennan has a near-death experience, which causes her to reevaluate her life and see everything a little bit differently. So we’re just trying to move them along and have these characters evolve and not just stay in the same place. So hopefully, it’ll be surprising for everybody.”

Angela and Roller Derby

“We have no plans to move Michaela off the show,” said Hanson, referring to Michaela Conlin, the actress who portrays Angela. “This is her season to start to think that her life is meant to be bigger than recreating crimes and living in a life of murder. She’s feeling antsy. But I’m very speedy to say that we have no plans to diminish Michaela’s involvement in the show." In fact, Nathan spoiled that in one of the upcoming episodes we learn more about Angela than we previously knew. “There’s murder at a roller derby game and it’s just another world that we’re entering into that we’ve never been in." Angela’s been roller-skating a lot more than anybody knew, so she’s helping a lot more in the case than she would be otherwise,” he said. “And as somebody who’s been a little frustrated with her job, she feels like she’s lived her life too safely lately, and she wants to kind of break out a little bit. So getting slammed into a wall in roller derby seemed to be a good way to let that happen for her.”

Ballroom Dancing

“It’s a murder at a ballroom dancing competition, and we find out in this that Booth actually taught ballroom dance when he was in college to make money,” said Nathan. “Well, he thought he was doing that,” Hanson added.

“Yeah, he thought he was doing that, but Sweets points out that he was probably a gigolo for old women,” said Nathan through their laughter. “You know, we have that from Booth’s standpoint, and from Brennan’s standpoint–because of her phenomenal knowledge of kinesthesiology and anatomy, she believes that as long as she can look at someone dance, she can replicate that exactly. And I can just tell you that that’s not true.” Hanson added, “And I’ll tell you something about that episode. I watched David Boreanaz learn how to rumba in five minutes. He is gifted. He’s a physically gifted guy.”

“We’ve also populated the episode with tons of winners and runners-up from So You Think You Can Dance, so the dancing is kind of remarkable,” said Nathan.


“The Pelant story will reappear in January,” said Nathan. “You know, Palant is always going to be hanging over their heads in all of the episodes, but he comes back in earnest–we’re actually shooting the episode now.” Hanson goes on to reveal, “It’s directed by Rob Hardy and it’s one of the biggest episodes we’ve ever shot. We’re starting to talk about what our season ender will look like and [Pelant] may or may not be a part of that.”

Source: TV Equals