Bones Spoilers: Fresh Scoop On Season 9′s ‘Ghost Killer’, Plus Brennan’s Belated Bachelorette Party

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November 4, 2013

Bones starts it’s new day and time this week, Friday, November 8th @8:00, with Booth and Brennan’s honeymoon episode, “The Nazi On The Honeymoon”. Looking further ahead into season 9, Creator Hart Hanson and EP Stephan Nathan have a spoilery run down of several episodes to come, including Brennan’s belated bachelorette party and the new big bad, ‘The Ghost Killer’.

“We are working on a half-dozen more traditional, non-event Bones episodes” to air after the honeymoon (Nov. 8th) and bachelorette party (Nov. 15th) installments as a way to reestablish the show’s equilibrium. The November 15th installment brings up all the stuff between Booth, Angela and Brennan. We front-loaded this season with [big episodes],” adds Hanson. “So we’ll have a run of fun, lighter-hearted romantic-crimedy Bones. And then we will start in with a couple more event-type episodes” — presumably involving The Ghost Killer.

More on the Ghost Killer

There’s a debate between our characters whether or not it’s a real Big Bad or just Pelant’s way to mess with their minds from the grave. Brennan believed Pelant, but it’s really hard to prove that there is actually a serial killer out there.
Nathan reveals, “We’re writing the episode now where we deal with all of this. It’s the 10th episode. And also, we don’t know if we’ll [meet the killer] in that episode. Sometimes we don’t actually see the serial killer for a while. The working name for this serial killer is “The Ghost Killer.” Ghosts are pretty ephemeral.”

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