Bones Spoilers: Cam’s Secrets Will Catch Up To Her

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December 5, 2012

Cam’s brewing intern romance with Aristoo Vaziri~ Pej Vahdat won’t be making to the light of day anytime soon. TV Guide reports that a great deal of secrecy will remain around the relationship and it will effect her daughter Michelle.

“Cam would like this to be a secret because it’s slightly unprofessional to be having an affair with one of your underlings,” creator Hart Hanson tells us. “She decides the fate of the interns even more than Brennan does. So it’s an uncomfortable position for her, but she’s managing to keep it compartmentalized.” Or at least she is until it impacts her relationship with her daughter. “It has an effect on Michelle and that’s the next story we tell,” Hanson teases. “What secrets do you keep and for what reason?”