Bones Spoilers: Booth’s Big Fat Catholic Secret!!

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January 31, 2013

Booth is prepping to reveal a big secret about himself on Bones and accordingly Creator Hart Hanson would like to stir the pot of speculation a little more. Vague as this spoilery tidbit may be, it does have a far less sinister feel to it, almost religious ;) Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the subject!!

“It doesn’t have to do with our people,” he says. “It has to do with Booth’s relationship with the outside world.” Also, when creator Hart Hanson said that the mystery is something between Booth and God, he may have been more literal than we first expected. “Booth has a way of doing things — in some ways he’s very, very Catholic,” Hanson teases.

“Booth communicates to God in a very painful way,” Boreanaz goes on to spoil. “He was a soldier. One of the things we don’t really realize is he wakes up every morning in pain, and we haven’t really examined that.” So will he let his teammates — and more importantly, Brennan — in on the secret? “He has a pretty good cloak with the belt buckle and the socks — he hides behind a lot of that,” Boreanaz says. “[Booth's shrink] Stephen Fry exposed a bit of that, and maybe now he needs to expose that to Brennan and see where that takes them.”