‘Bones’ Spoilers: Booth Is Furious!

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June 7, 2012

When last we left Bones, Brennan had went on the lamb with baby Christine, leaving Booth a hot mess. EP Stephan Nathan spoiled about what we can expect to see when Bones returns in season 8 this Fall. Nathan reveals some intriguing insight into Booth’s true emotional state and what his next move will be.

“He’s furious,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. “[He thinks], ‘Isn’t there some way she could include him? Why didn’t she trust him?” However, Nathan notes that Booth’s practicality will eventually win out. “He realizes the only [other] way to keep [Brennan and Christine] safe would be to do something illegal like taking out Pelant,” Nathan says. “We wanted Booth to remain a good man. To put him on the run compromises his character and his job. So, when Brennan does return, [Booth] is still the honorable man that he’s been for seven seasons.”

Source: TV Guide

  • Anonymous

    Of course he’s still going to be honorable and good, that’s who Booth is and why the character is so beloved!!!  Of course it’s brilliantly played by David Boreanaz.

  • Anonymous

    Bones has become a soap opera. I have no intent of watching season 8.

  • John Williams

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  • Quinn

    I agree it is becoming a soap opera but personally I think it makes the show more interesting and fun to watch. I can’t wait!!!