Bones Spoilers: A New Big Bad, Season 9 Nuptials, Undercover Again, Guest Stars And More!!

Bones Spoilers: A New Big Bad, Season 9 Nuptials, Undercover Again, Guest Stars And More!!

Bones is set to premiere it's ninth season September 16th and season 8 left a few open ends where Booth, Brennan and Pelant are concerned. On the horizon for season 9 the gang will have a new Big Bad to worry about as well as Pelant. Creator Hart Hanson and series star David Boreanaz go on to spoil about Booth and Brennan's impending wedding, more undercover work, multi-episode guest stars, season 9 plot plans much more.

The New Big Bad & Pelant
“There is another big bad on the horizon. No one’s asked me about this yet. Pelant, in his own way, uncovers another big bad. Perhaps [Pelant is] not the worst guy who’s ever lived."

Tying The Knot
“Last year I think our little theme we had for season 8 is ‘Is Love Enough?’” said Hanson. “And this season the answer is ‘Yes, it is!’ Doesn’t mean things go easily but a lot of things that people have been waiting for years will happen in season 9. They are going to get married. That’s going to happen.”
For Real
“Everyone say ‘In a dream?’ No. Booth and Brennan are going to get married. I hope we do it in a way that surprises people and not when they expect it. We’ve been setting up needs in our audience for years and it’s time to pay off a bunch and if we’re going into season 10, which is a distinct possibility, we’ve got to set up new things. There’s a version of this series where them getting married would be the end of the series,” he said. “That’s not going to be the case. It just means that a bunch of people had to sit and go ‘where do we go post-wedding’ and much to our surprise, all the writers are excited and interested.”

The End Of Bones?!
“I never thought of how to wrap up the series. I never thought of how to wrap up the first episode of the first season. Obviously I work very much in the moment. Hart will tell you that, Emily will tell you that. ‘Okay, here we are, We’re shooting this scene now, we’re shooting that scene tomorrow.’ I don’t look forward to the reminiscence of the past and I don’t look to the future to see how it unfolds. So many things change and things get switched around. For me it’s in the moment, always has been. I think one of the magic things in Bones is how well those two actors get along because you cannot…I don’t think there’s any other couple of actors who after this amount of time take joy in working with each other the way they do. That’s the engine. If they were starting to not have a thing, that would be disastrous for us. I give them full credit for keeping it going.” Hanson and Boreanaz went on to insist that season 9 would not be their last, “There’s a persistent rumor out there that season nine is our last. It could be, we don’t know but there’s no plans for it to be.”

Upcoming Season 9 Episodes
“We have undercover work next week and that’s always good times. Tony and Roxy are coming back, we haven’t seen them in awhile. I know we’re going to a couples retreat, I know that. I know we’ll be dealing with some other stuff from Booth’s past, aka his priest friend that we meet in the first episode and Mather [Zickel] plays that and some work with the CIA. There’ll be some good stuff with Booth this year.”

Guest Stars
Mather Zickel will play Aldo Coulter, aka Booth’s priest. Ever since Pelant blackmailed Booth into calling off his engagement with Brennan, Booth has been confiding in his former spiritual guidance counselor, Aldo Coulter.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. will also be appearing on the veteran Fox series. According to sources, Prinze will debut his character, Danny, in the September 16th opener. Danny is a very covert CIA agent; Armed and dangerous, he’s also an old associate of Booth’s who has an interest in Booth and Brennan’s current murder investigation.

Creator Hart Hanson confirmed that both Zickel and Prinze would be around for multiple episodes, at least three each.