Bones Spoilers: A Fatty Case And A New Squintern!!

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February 13, 2013

Bones will welcome a new squintern into the fold February 25th in “The Fact in the Fiction”, that has the smart’s to even make Brennan nervous! Brian Klugman will soon make his debut as the Jeffersonian’s newest squintern, Oliver Wells, who boasts almost five degrees.

“He actually makes Brennan nervous — he’s that smart,” Tamara Taylor revealed. “And I think he’ll be around for a while, because he’s very fun.”
Executive Producer Stephan Nathan goes on to reveal, “[He] is completely un-intimidated by Brennan. He does respect her, but he doesn’t revere her. That’s a new thing for these interns because [Brennan] holds their future in her hands. He has so many degrees and is so accomplished, he doesn’t need her. It’s very disorienting and disconcerting for her.”

Bonus Bones Scoop!!

“In one of the upcoming episodes, a body is found in soap! A big thing of soap,” Emily Deschanel shared. “The body decomposes and the fat, combined with other things, becomes soap.”