Bones Spoilers: A Doppelgänger, The Other Killer And Save The Date!

Bones Spoilers: A Doppelgänger, The Other Killer And Save The Date!

Now that Pelant is out of the way, another killer will be in the woodwork, lurking about and will not crave the attention Pelant did, this new nemesis won't want to be seen. In addition, with Doppelgänger's being all the rage, Brennan will be getting one of her very own, by way of a murder suspect. Hit the comments below with your thoughts about Monday's revealing episode and the spoilery goodness below.

According to executive producer Stephen Nathan, that other killer could very well be Booth and Brennan's next nemesis. (Guess Pelant will keep haunting these two from the grave!) But don't expect a repeat of the Pelant arc. "It's not going to be someone who is as visible," Nathan teases. "Pelant wanted to be known. The next person we meet, we won't necessarily meet. This is going to be somebody who values their anonymity far more than Pelant did."

Be prepared to meet Brennan's personality doppelgänger later this season! (In episode eight to be exact.) Agatha Blume is the food science's version of our beloved Brennan, she's intelligent, pretty, and looks at everyday life from an extremely logical and emotionless point of view. We think she and Brennan could be besties! Well, if you forget about the tiny detail that Agatha is being suspected for murder…

Bonus Scoop

Save the date: Booth and Brennan will tie the knot on Monday, Oct. 21.