Bones Spoilers: A Caveman, Time Travel And An ‘Emotionally Sweet’ Near Death Experience

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January 13, 2013

Bones has already been renewed for a ninth season, but there are plenty of spoilery goodness to be had for the upcoming episodes leading us into February sweeps. Series star Emily Deschanel spoiled that one episode centers around Brennan uncovering the remains of a caveman, or as her anthropological mind prefers, Neanderthal. Deschanel also reveals that one episode will address time travel, while “The Shot In The Dark” will deliver an ‘emotionally sweet’ hour for Brennan.

“Brennan gets shot, and she either hallucinates and sees her [late] mother, or she goes to Heaven and has an encounter with her mother (played by Brooke Langston), but she doesn’t believe it.” What do the women talk about after so much time “apart”? “There are emotions as we discuss things [including] what my life is like now, the baby,” Deschanel shared. “She has some big words of advice for me. You discover where Brennan’s hyper-rational perspective came from, and … her mother shatters it a bit. No one changes over night, but that does change Brennan and really seeps into her life. It’s really sweet.”

Source: TV Line, TV Guide