Bones Spoilers: 20th Episode Deets, A Life Threatening Outbreak And Pelant

Bones Spoilers: 20th Episode Deets, A Life Threatening Outbreak And Pelant

Bones is fast approaching it's 20th episode and the season 8 finale and spoilers are in tow. First, the twentieth installment is titled "The Secret in the Siege", and it will evoke some danger for our Jeffersonian gang.

The twentieth episode will revolve around a very dangerous criminal who is part of a religious cult and is out for revenge against the FBI, and believes that all his murder orders come directly from God.

Second, the season 8 penultimate episode is going to be crazy-intense with a highly contagious outbreak during a case.

"It's kind of shot like 24 and everyone's life is in danger," executive producer Stephen Nathan says of the episode, which features an outbreak of a highly contagious, deadly disease in the lab that will infect one of the team members. Since Booth is furiously trying to get into the locked-down Jeffersonian, conventional wisdom might point to Brennan being the afflicted. But our money is on Cam or her new lover Arastoo. "[This] crisis deepens their relationship quite a bit," Nathan teases. "It's going to be very intense for them."

Third, Brennan is getting a new literary foe!

Sandra Gibson is the successful author of a medical-mystery series of novels who isn't pleased when fellow author/competitor Brennan disses her work. Naturally, she decides to start a feud in order to bolster sales of her book and does so by appearing on a PBS-esque talk show.

Bonus Scoop!!

What’s scarier than Pelant unleashed? Pelant unleashed with a [SPOILER]!

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