‘Bones’ Spoiler Round-up: Pelant Twist Answered, Plus What’s Ahead In Season 8

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September 18, 2012

Bones Creator Hart Hanson, was happy to cryptically spoil last night’s amazing season 8 premiere. Hanson dives into Pelant’s symbolic gesture at the end of “The Future In The Past”, and what’s ahead as the rest of season 8 unfolds.

“We don’t know what the motive is of Flynn to do what he did,” Hanson says. “It’s a gulch hanger, not a cliffhanger, just to keep that story alive in people’s minds. There’s an arc with him [Flynn], and it’s complicated and fun and we have an end plan with that,” Hanson says. “But is he good or is he bad? It was really fun talking to [actor] Reed Diamond about that, too, because after that last scene, he said, ‘So what’s the story?’” Hanson goes on to spoil, “All of their personal lives have been altered by what happened with Brennen being gone, and with sort of the honeymoon period of our series being over. Now they have to deal with the realities of their relationships and their lives, as well as Pelant, as well as this kind of dark cloud that hangs over them,” he continues. “It won’t be dealt with in every episode, but Pelant is not going away.”

An upcoming episode will pit our team of Jeffersonian squints against a crime scene cleanup crew, in a stand-off that evolves into a major turf war. “It’s people whose entire lives are dedicated to eradicating evidence going up against our people, who uncover evidence,” EP Stephen Nathan tells us.

Source: Zap2it