'Bones' Spoiler Round-up: Laughs, Squints And 'Cerebral Attraction'

'Bones' Spoiler Round-up: Laughs, Squints And 'Cerebral Attraction'

Bones wouldn't be complete without it's team of squinterns behind the scenes. In an upcoming Spring episode, Edison, Vaziri, Fisher, Abernathy and Bray will unite to conquer a challenge from Brennan.

"It's a challenge from Brennan that takes a dark, twisted turn and leads to a really intense case," teases T.J. Thyne~Hodgins

John Francis Daley~Sweets is excited to see the very different squinterns interact.

"Each of them is a different personality type, so to see them all working together will be interesting."Daley went on to tease the upcoming comedic episode where Sweets works closely with Booth. "Sweets has the chance to show Booth his comedic chops."

Michaela Conlin spoils that Angela will revisit her roots in the art world where she'll develop a "cerebral attraction" to an art dealer.

Source: TV Guide