Bones Spoiler Round-up: Booth And Brennan Suit Up For “Diamond In The Rough”

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October 11, 2012

Booth and Brennan will be going undercover again in episode 6 of Bones, “Diamond In The Rough”. I’ve already spoiled a few bits about this upcoming reality show inspired episode and now I have two more behind the scenes photos to add. The images feature Booth and Brennan dressed to dance, a very different look than our last installment of Buck and Wanda.



In other Bones news, Emily Deschanel~Brennan was tweeting her delight about being covered in worms on set with TJ Thyne~Hodgins, during the filming of an upcoming episode.

“Had a great day with TJ Thyne, both of us harnessed to a crane. Worms fell on my face! Ah! I love my job!”