Bones Spoiler Round-up: All The Details On Next Week’s Undercover Episode, B & B’s Wedding Episode and More

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September 17, 2013

Now that Bones has officially kicked off it’s ninth season, I have my first spoiler round-up of season 9!! I have fresh scoop on next week’s light hearted undercover episode, “The Cheat In The Retreat”, the details on B & B’s big wedding episode and much more.
September 23rd Undercover Episode

The cheeky hour finds Booth and Brennan going undercover as their infamous alters Tony and Rox. Their destination: A couples retreat. “There’s a sweat lodge, greasy outfits, a lot of velour, and a few ‘How you doin’s,’” previews David Boreanaz with a laugh. “It’s a really fun episode.”


The Wedding Episode

Booth and Brennan’s nups-themed installment is called, “The Woman in White.” Speaking of the Wedding of the Year, Boreanaz says it will feature the return of some “old faces” and a musical interlude by occasional guest star Cyndi Lauper. He also promises that sparks will fly. There will literally be flying sparks. I’M TALKING ABOUT A FIRE! “I do know something burns down, so that could be bad,” he cryptically teases. “And it’s not [Booth]‘s fault!”

Angela & Hodgins’

Michaela Conlin foresees “an interesting year” ahead for the couple, as they deal with assorted strife. “We’re going to see some of Hodgins’ wealthy family, which owns the whole Jeffersonian. And I hear someone from his past is going to resurface,” the actress shares. And on top of that, “They’re still dealing with the lack of their fortune” — a matter which Hodgins and Finn’s hot sauce endeavor might somewhat abate.