‘Bones’ Season Finale Scoop: Climax, Max’s Return And Acid Washed Jeans

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April 21, 2011

The first Bones bit of spoilery goodness I’d like to share is David Boreanaz’s acid washed jeans and bowling shoes :). He tweeted his fans this fabulous picture from the set just the other day. Can you say awesomeness!
With Bones readily approaching it’s season 6 finale slated for May 19th, everyone is hounding EP Hart Hanson for spoilers. TV Line has delivered some very tantalizing tidbits; Here’s what Hanson had to say about the last two episodes,

“The last two episodes of this season are going to run the gamut of tones that Bones does, from A to Z,” Hanson shared. “A lot happens in those last two episodes, and I think the title of the season finale, ‘The Change In the Game,’ is about as much as I want to say about it. I think it’s going to be one of those shows that the Bones audience will talk about and enjoy hugely. If anyone feels there’s an anti-climax to it, then I have totally failed at my job.”

Bones star David Boreanaz has confirmed that Ryan McNeil~Max will return for the season finale, “The Change In The Game”. Here’s what fellow EP Stephan Nathan said about McNeil’s return,

“He is on a bowling team that’s in the same league as our victim,” Nathan explains. “Because Max has had a bedroom-related accident, a space has opened up on the team that Booth fills.”