Bones Season 9 Spoilers: Wedding Rituals, Trappings, A Leap Of Faith And Much More!!

Bones Season 9 Spoilers: Wedding Rituals, Trappings, A Leap Of Faith And Much More!!

Our season 9 opener will have a 3 month time jump and open with Booth making a confession. You’ll then learn that...

A) Booth really, really, really wants to kill Pelant, B) Brennan isn’t the only casualty of The Lie (wittle Christine misses her daddy, too!) and Freddie Prinze Jr. is all growed up.

Pelant will continue to terrorize our Jeffersonian gang in season 9, but Booth and Brennan will find their way back to each other through the help of their friends, counseling and a few fabulous wedding rituals. Look for Brennan to 'take a leap of faith' and make the first move to make her family whole again. In addition, a neutral party that lends his ear to both sides of the story will make all the difference for our crime fighting duo.

Booth Seeks Guidance

Although man-of-faith Booth seeks out his former priest Aldo for guidance about how to proceed with Brennan after his lie about the engagement, it's what the padre tells Brennan that ends up making all the difference in repairing that relationship. And even though Aldo's religious beliefs are now more in line with those of woman-of-science Brennan, look for Bones to take a leap of faith. And speaking of Booth's old friends: Freddie Prinze Jr.'s CIA agent doesn't get much to do in the premiere, but he does make Booth an enticing offer that he'll likely wrestle with all season long.


Wedding Counseling

Booth’s priest-turned-barkeep pal (played by Mather Zickel) will serve as “somewhat of a touchstone this season for secrets,” offers exec producer Stephen Nathan, who reveals that both Booth and Brennan will seek his counsel as they attempt to resolve their seemingly insurmountable relationship issues. “He’s a neutral party that Booth can go to and talk freely,” notes the EP. “And when Brennan finds out about him, she feels she can talk freely with him as well.” Holy epiphany, Batman: This dude’s so going to end up officiating the B&B nups later this season! You know I’m right! What do I win if I’m right?!

Wedding Rituals!!

Per exec producer Stephen Nathan, Bones intends to show the love-struck pair experiencing a number of pre-marriage trappings, including, presumably, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Although the rituals “might not be in the right order,” Nathan teases. “We want to continue to mess up tradition while kind of keeping it traditional at the same time.”