Bones Season 9 Spoilers: A Long Lost Sibling, Plus Ghost Killer Details For 2014!!

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December 7, 2013

Season 9 of Bones has been stupendous and in 2014 a new killer will be revealed, as well as a long, lost sibling for one of our players. The sibling is a brother and will not be doing well. Could this be the family secret Hodgins discovers in February?!

“In February, Hodgins finds out some secrets about his family that are going to be quite surprising to him. And it is not going to be grand political secrets or anything like that. It’s going to be very, very personal.”

The Ghost Killer in 2014

The gang finds a link between a bunch of cold cases. In the first episode back in January, we will be “pointed in the direction” of the Ghost Killer, according to EP Stephen Nathan. “[The Ghost Killer] is a very ephemeral presence and sort of an evil that lurks in the shadows, someone whose identity we are not even sure of,” he says. He also warns, however, that the establishment of this new killer doesn’t mean we’re quite done with that other guy. “We also haven’t, let’s say, felt the end of Pelant,” he teases.

Source: EOnline