Bones Season 8 Episode 12 “The Corpse On The Canopy” Guide

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January 8, 2013

Fox has released the official synopsis for the January 21st episode of Bones, “The Corpse On The Canopy”. Pelant is back and is fixed on tormenting the Jeffersonian team.

  • After Hodgins and Angela were drugged and woke up to a bloody corpse hanging in the canopy of their bed and flower petals around their son Michael’s crib, they are forced to believe that Pelant is back for revenge against Hodgins.
  • Although Hodgins wants to go after Pelant directly, Booth knows it’s best to work within the system and not go against protocol.
  • Meanwhile, as the Jeffersonian team investigates the corpse, they discover the victim was a Special Forces agent working for the world’s biggest supplier of mercenaries.
  • Angela and Hodgins decide to start an investigation without the rest of the Jeffersonian team for the sake of their family.