'Bones' Season 7 Titles Revealed, Plus Episode Deets!!

'Bones' Season 7 Titles Revealed, Plus Episode Deets!!

I have some Bones bits to pass along to the spoiler community. We have a couple of episode titles, along with brief descriptions of the tantalizing cases our parents-to-be will be solving when season 7 opens.

Bones Episode 7.03 is titled "The Prince In The Plastic" and primetime soap diva Morgan Fairchild is to guest star.

Fairchild will play a woman named Bianca, the intelligent, impeccably dressed CEO of Dillio Toys. In the episode, remains of a toy company employee are discovered, and Brennan and Booth must put together the puzzle pieces, which somehow involve Bianca.

Bones Episode 7.04 is titled "The Male In The Mail".

The male vic is found at a post office warehouse and worked at a shipping store. The squintern on the case is Clark and Special Agent Jenny Shaw~Tina Majorino is back. Plus, Booth and Brennan go house hunting together.

Source: TV Guide, SpoilerTV