‘Bones’ Season 7 Episode 10 “The Warrior in the Wuss” Sneak Peeks

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April 19, 2012

Fox has released four spoilery sneak peek for next week’s episode of Bones, “The Warrior in the Wuss”! Check them out and sound off below about the season’s return so far!

  • Anonymous

    Judging from the latest ratings….. Bones has tumbled way down.
    I guess the moonlihgting cruse my be real….. Bones is a horror and unwatchable.
    It is just plain very silly and to be honest…. a waste of time to watch.

  • Cruisin7591

    I think the show remains excellent. The ratings should rebound when everyone realizes its back on the air. Booth and Brennan make a great couple and the supporting characters remain well developed and interesting.