Season 7 ‘Bones’ Bits; Tina Majorine, Abridged Season Dets And Replacements

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June 8, 2011

Many Bones fans thouroughly enjoyed the guest appearance by Veronica Mars star, Tina Margorine in the final sniper episode, “The Hole In the Heart”. Stephan Nathan teases that we could see her beautiful face in season 7.

“We love Tina,” gushes EP Stephen Nathan, “and would love to have her back next year.”

As far as an abridged season of Bones, Ausiello has some insight.

“I’d say more than 13 but less than 18.”

Bones’ mid-season fill-in, The Finder, is short one main character, Saffron Burrows. Even though no one has been cast yet, intel reveals her replacement will be half her age.

“The new character — Willa — will be around 17. Much like Burrows’ alter ego, Willa has a criminal background and some hidden skills that Walter and Leo will put to good use.”

  • Lexy

    NOOOO!!! I love Saffron!