Bones Season 6:Bones Crossover Event~SYTYCD

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September 7, 2010

The Fox hit is testing the waters with some reality TV crossover episodes in season 6. They just wrapped a Jersey Shore-inspired episode and now “Bones” is setting its sights on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Neither of the crossover episodes are a direct homage to the reality shows, but they do take Booth and Brennan into the world of, in this case, street performers. The episode will feature a guest appearance by SYTYCD MVP and burgeoning actor Stephen “tWitch” Boss.
The cycle 4 runner-up—who returned this past season as an all-star and took part in what was arguably one of the best hip-hop numbers in SYTYCD history—will play a suspect in the murder of a popular street entertainer.

Boss, whose “Bones” episode is slated to air in November, appeared in this summer’s big-screen dance spectacle, “Step Up 3D” also.
The crossover episodes should stay true to “Bones” form and keep us tuned in to see what happens next.
What do you fans think about the new crossover episodes?
Source:Ausiello Files