Bones Season 6 Spoilers Vosloo Cast As Serial Sniper

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October 30, 2010

Creator Hart Hanson revealed to Ausiello that Booth’s new nemesis has been cast. I for one, have missed the truly evil bad guy that “Bones” has had in seasons past. Looks like our new serial sniper, Vosloo, will be bringing the dark and twisty back, hitting the ‘scooby gang’ close to home.

Onetime 24 terror mastermind Arnold Vosloo is taking his evildoer act over to Bones. The actor has been cast as this season’s Big Bad — an elite sniper named Jacob Ripkin Broadsky who is accused of assassinating a pivotal recurring character.
“We’ve got someone worse than the Gravedigger coming,” Bones creator Hart Hanson told me over the summer. “And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this [guy] is Evil Booth. Remember, Booth was a sniper.”

Vosloo — who also played the title role in the Darkman films as well as Brendan Fraser’s nemesis in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns — is slated to appear in at least three episodes beginning in early ’11.

  • Mystery Dragon

    Please let his first victim be Hannah. Since HH and SN refuses to do anything, but shove her in our faces. I wish no harm on Katheryn Winnick. She made a very poor decision, when she took on the roll of Hannah.