Bones Season 6 Spoilers Various Scoops

Bones Season 6 Spoilers Various Scoops

With season 6 of "Bones" in full swing and almost half a dozen murders under their belts, the 'scooby gang' is ready for a real challenge. A serial sniper on the loose should fill that role nicely ;).
TV Guide has some news about the highly anticipated recurring sniper role.

When are we going to meet the Bones sniper everyone's been talking about? — Melanie
ADAM: All signs point to very soon. The show has begun looking for an actor to play the three-episode role of an elite sniper who is suspected in the assassination of an important character. This particular suspect is an ex-Army sharpshooter who left his previous post in disgrace after being a little too trigger-happy during a hostage situation. He has been hiding under the names of other famous snipers, including Booth's, which is ultimately what leads the FBI straight to him. Well, that and the fact that he's the only person besides Booth who could make such an impossible kill shot.

Update: Thanks to Ausiello we have an update about the sniper that's going to take out a member of our "Bones" family.

Question: Is there any news on the rumored sniper on Bones? —Jessica
Ausiello: His name is Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, he’s slated to show up in early ’11, and I can confirm that he does in fact take out a pivotal recurring character.

Fancast has some buzz about how long Hannah will be in the picture.

Do you have any idea for how long Bones’ “competition” (aka Hannah) will last on the show? It’s been said she would appear in at least five episodes, but are they still sticking to that initial plan? I really hope this third party is gone before the holiday break. – Amanda
Keep hoping. Though Kathryn Winnick said a few weeks back that Booth’s lady love will be around for a “handful” of episodes, judging by the scripts I’m spying, Hannah – despite having her life placed in jeopardy in the Nov. 4 outing – is very much still in play as late as Episode 9, which would air in December.