Bones Season 6 Spoilers Various Scoops From Ausiello

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January 27, 2011

We have absolute confirmation from Ausiello and EP Stephaen Nathan when the elevator scene will air for Booth and Brennan. Also, the “Bones” spoiler everyone’s dieing to know; When will Hannah exit the show?

Question: There seems to be some confusion about when the big “Booth/Brennan Elevator Episode” will air on Bones. Care to clear things up for us? —Nick
Ausiello: It’s No. 6.16, it’s scheduled to air March 3, and according to EP Stephen Nathan, “It’s going to be gooooood.” (Last time Nathan used that many O’s… um… has he ever used that many O’s? I don’t believe he has.)

Question: When will Hannah leave Bones? Please say soon. —Lexie
Ausiello: According to a little birdie whose name rhymes with Peevin Rathen, there will be a “very big” turning point for Booth and Hannah in the Feb. 10 episode; interpret that as you like. Coincidentally, that’s the same episode David Boreanaz delivers one of the best performances of his career, per that same little birdie.

  • Susan

    More “hype” and meaningless “hints”. Based on past experience, whatever this guy says doesn’t really pan out! They need to be rid of hannah, way past due, start a real love relationship with B&B again, bring back the much needed chemistry between them, make Booth become Booth again and rid him of the alien demon that has possessed him this season! We are all old enough to handle B&B “love, sex” relationship. Writers have so far destroyed this season and the characters, especially Booth!

  • Meg

    i’m a little annoyed with everyone talking about the lack of chemistry and B&B moments. OF COURSE it’s awkward! She broke his heart! He left, moved on, only to come back and have her say she made a mistake! They work together! how could that NOT be awkward? they’re putting them back together more and more now, but come on. it would have been less believable if when Booth poured his heart out, Bones lept into his arms. That is not who she is. And it would have been totally out of character for Booth to jump over the console at Bones when she admitted her feelings. He committed to Hannah and he wouldn’t just throw her aside like so much garbage. If he did, we wouldn’t love him as much. I would love to seem them get together, and i think it’s been too long, too. But i would rather have them do it right and wait a little than have them rush it together and be unbelievable and ruin the show.

  • Susan

    No one is saying that it shouldn’t be believable, but they’re dragging it out for too long now! It’s time for Booth and Bones to get together again, once and for all. Rush, no, too slow, absolutely yes! There has been, until the very end of last episode, zero chemistry between Booth and Bones. Finally at the end of last weeks episode he gave her that wonderful “look with the soft loving eyes”, first time all season. Time for him to “wake up”, finally she has!