Bones Season 6 Spoilers Two Proposals And An Unexpected Valentine

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January 6, 2011

The long holiday hiatus will end for “Bones” January 27th, so the spoilery tidbits are beginning to trickle in. Ausiello has some major scoop on all things love, including two proposals and an unexpected Valentine.

Question: Do you wanna talk about the proposal coming up on Bones later this season? I’m a little bit (read: extremely) nervous about it. —Amanda
Ausiello: I do want to talk about the proposal, mostly just to set the record straight. There is not — I repeat not — one proposal coming up on Bones later this season. There are two, both of which my source says will “shake things up substantially.” The identity of one of the couples is pretty obvious. But the other? Not so much. Speculate away in the comments section!
Question: Heart-crushed that Booth shot down Brennan in the December 9 episode of Bones. I need something to make my heart full again. I need some positive Booth/Brennan scoop! Go! —Shay
Ausiello: They’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day together. Alone.

  • Susan

    If Booth proposes to Hannah I’ll be completely disgusted! Time for this to stop and for B&B to be together as an adult couple! Desperately need to get the chemistry back between them.

  • Ali

    If Hannah isn’t gone soon, I am going to quit watching new Bones. Too hard on the heart….