Bones Season 6 Spoilers The 'Squinterns' Take Center Stage

Bones Season 6 Spoilers The 'Squinterns' Take Center Stage

EW has the intel on the 'squints' of "Bones". Their ins, outs and what's developing for the interns at the Jeffersonian. The interns play an important supporting role to our 'Scooby Gang' of crime fighters and it looks like that role may be taken up a notch toward the end of the season.

Stephen Nathan was kind enough to hop on the phone and tell me a little bit about what’s coming up with our rotating roster of mini squints — including what could be a building tension between Wendell and Hodgela.

“They’ve all been evolving throughout their lives on the show,” he said. “Clark, who was somebody who didn’t want anything to do with anyone else’s personal life, has become probably the most outspoken and wears his feelings on his sleeve more than any of the interns, and we certainly want to mine that even more when he returns to get him to be more of a real presence on the show and a part of the family within the lab. That really holds true with all of the interns.”

The problem, he says, comes when their talented group of actors starts finding pilot projects, especially around this time. Right now, Ryan Cartwright (Vincent) and Carla Gallo (Daisy) are both in consideration for major projects. “I don’t think we will [choose one intern] because the whole concept behind the revolving interns was that it was a very good way for us to introduce new characters that can become a part of the Bones canvas,” he says.

Wendell, especially, will soon become part of the fold in a big way as we walk up to the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby. “Wendell, who is a very integral part of the show, has now become very good friends with Hodgins,” Nathan says. “That relationship will continue and could even deepen with the arrival of the baby because he had a relationship with Angela. So there is a certain closeness, which is welcomed by Hodgins and Angela, and also could create a little tension between Hodgins and Angela.”

Arastoo (Pej Vahdat), who the audience hasn’t seen for a while, will also return for an episode toward the end of the season, but he’ll be late. Literally. “We’re actually going to have him be late for work because he found that he was on the no-fly list,” Nathan teases. “They all just work out so well that every time we try to sit down and make a decision about who we would keep, we can’t do it because we don’t want to lose anybody.”