Bones Season 6 Spoilers The Body Farm, Cam’s Surprise And Mythbusters

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March 19, 2011

Even though Bones is on a three week hiatus, it will return April 14th to kick off a seven part end of season run which will conclude May 26th. To keep us delightfully entertained, EP Stephan Nathan has spoiled to Give Me My Remote about the next few episodes.

The next episode: “We also have one that takes us to the body farm at a university, which will be delightfully revolting. We’ll kind of pit Canada against the United States — Booth (David Boreanaz) going up against a doctor from Canada because the evidence is spread across the border.”

On the episode where Cam (Tamara Taylor) fakes Michelle’s college applications: “That’s being brought up…we just finished that episode [last week] and that’s just great. Michelle comes back and all the acceptance letters have gone out and she feels that she now has no options. And Cam has a little secret up her sleeve.”

The Mythbusters episode John Francis Daley (Sweets) wrote: “It’s terrific. And his dad is in that [episode]. That one came out really well.”

Special thanks to Wetpaint.