Bones Season 6 Spoilers Snipers And A Mythbuster

Bones Season 6 Spoilers Snipers And A Mythbuster

I have some spoilery scoop to share with you for "Bones". According to EW, the highly anticipated three episode sniper arc will top the Gravedigger storyline that once compelled "Bones" fans completely. Not only will Boreanaz direct the first in the series, slated to air Jauary 27th, but the arc will be pivotal to his character Booth and his relationships. There's also an interesting tidbit about a Mythbuster's episode that's in the works. Check it out and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

I absolutely love Hannah but would love a non-related spoiler. Have you any deets on David Boreanaz’ sniper epi he directed? He is a fabulous director. Thanks. — Traci
As EW’s Mandi Bierly promised yesterday, we indeed have scoop on the much-awaited sniper episode, which is technically a series of three that will air during the rest of season. Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells EW that the first installment is the one where the Gravedigger story wraps up “in a way that was a surprise to all of us.” “The beginning of that [episode] could possibly be our most shocking act that we’ve ever done on Bones. It really did sort of [put to] rest the Gravedigger plot out of Bones and replace it with another one equally compelling.” He stops short of saying she bites the dust, but we all assume she does…right?

Have heard great things about Booth sniper story! Any details please? How bad will it get and how will it affect Booth and squint squad? David is directing so it will be amazing anyways! — Mandy
I think he’s great behind the camera, too, but I’d rather have him in front of the camera forever and ever (Ed note: preferably shirtless.) Tackling your question, the episode will very much affect Booth, according to Nathan, because our favorite Fed is going up against someone he used to know from his own sniper days. “It’s really a sniper pursuing a sniper, and Booth forced to confront his own past and his own life as a sniper.”

Any scoop on what’s in store for Brennan in the upcoming epis of Bones? — @SpartaInMay
Staying on the sniper subject, if I may (and I can), look for Brennan to play a big factor in Booth’s reaction to the emergence of the sniper, particularly in the second sniper episode. “Booth scared [the sniper] off, essentially, in the first sniper episode, and in [the second one], the sniper reappears, and it just proceeds to get more and more personal for Booth. And it also affects Booth’s relationship with Brennan because he is afraid that she is going to see him in the same way they view this other sniper, who has become a very bad and amoral man.” After all the good he’s done, does it break anyone else’s heart that Booth can ever think of himself as a bad man? You’re killin’ me, Seeley.

BONES! – Michelle
(What? No foreplay? I feel so used…) Nathan has one last piece of dish for us on an upcoming episode, which will be written by John Francis Daley and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein. Can you say Mythbusters? “[They're] writing an episode for us on MythBusters, sort of using the MythBusters background to stage a murder. It’s just gonna be based on that world and those kinds of shows.”