Bones Season 6 Spoilers Sniper News That Will Affect Booth & Brennan

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December 15, 2010

We have some spoilery goodness to dish to all the “Bones” fans rooting for Booth and Brennan. According to TV Guide after the holiday hiatus the serial sniper will put things into perspective for our would be couple.

Bones is killing me! Please tell me Booth will wise up and choose Brennan in the new year. — Linda
ADAM: Well, he may have other things on his mind: Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells me that an upcoming storyline about a sniper is going to turn Booth’s world upside down. “Booth is forced to confront the life that he led [as a sniper in the Army] when he sees a guy who’s perverted the profession,” he says. “The need Booth has to bring this guy to justice is going to hang over us for the rest of the year.” But in the meantime, Booth will look to Temperance to be his rock. “Whatever his relationship with Hannah, Brennan is always the closest person in his life,” Nathan says. “The sniper will affect Booth and Brennan in a very profound way.”

  • Susan

    Enough of the stupid games! What makes this show special is the relationship chemistry and spark between Booth and Bones! They’re getting too old to keep playing at this! Time for them to get back together, have a mature relationship that includes love, sex and all the stuff that goes with it! The writers are screwing up this show. There is no chemistry between Hannah and Booth, zero! Let it go, let her go already!

  • Anonymous

    i agree completely, they are dragging this out and in the process ruining what i personally enjoyed about this show, and nowadays we see more of hannah or hannah/booth than brennan altogether. get it together already

  • Natasha~Spoilers Guide

    Cheer up Booth/Brennan fans, it’s already been spoiled the sniper will kill someone we already know on the show. I believe the sniper will have at least a 3 ep arc and I also think(speculation) that Hannah will be the one to die. I also think that Booth will at least start to realize his mistake with Brennan. After the last ep, “The Doctor In The Photo”, Brennan’s very emotional breakdown got to Booth more than he let on, the sniper will bring those feelings to the surface. He may even target her as well.

  • Susan

    I was watching older Bones episodes today from 2006,2007,2008,2009 (they were having a mini marathon) and Wow, what a difference from those years to this new (not so good) season 6! The “looks”, the jokes, the all out chemistry was wonderful and it made me realize just how lacking this whole season has been in all of that! Let’s hope the writers get it together very soon, before it’s too late for the viewers, and realize just how badly they’ve blown it this time.

  • Arrpita

    Anything that can shake Booth as much as mentioned in the article, has to be something serious happening to someone very close to him and that could be his son. That could be a very harsh move by the writers but I doubt if Hannah’s death would be hard enough of a blow to him as compared to his son. And its very true that the previous seasons were much more fun to watch than the current one. It totally lacks chemistry and I keep waiting when Hannah would be leaving the series for good.

  • Susan

    I hope they wouldn’t even consider his son! I have a feeling it wouldn’t be Hannah either. I read that it will be one of the so called “squints”. Maybe they’ll have the sniper injure Bones and that will be a real wake up call to Booth to realize that he needs her in his life, etc. Let’s hope they get back the chemistry and humor from previous seasons, soon, very soon!

  • Turtles

    I read somewhere that it might be Brennan’s father who gets shot/killed. If it really was her dad, I think that Booth would spend a lot of his time trying to take care of Brennan and make sure that she is okay and realize that hannah is stupid and she would FINALLY leave. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SHE LEAVES!!! When she leaves, I swear I’m going to put on my party hat and throw confetti around. seriously.

  • elprez

    I have been watching episodes from seasons 1-4, and I totally agree with the earlier posts. The best part about the show is the Booth-Brennan chemistry. Everything else is secondary.

  • Julia111162

    the only thing that will make Booth realize that He is still in love with Bones by her being either shot or in harms way. Remember he is the one that always saves her. That man in the last episode has something to do with these episodes I think. I haven’t seen him in any of the other episode.

  • Julia111162

    This is what I think is going to happen in the next few episodes Temperance is going to get shot saving Hannah, which will make Booth realize that he is in love with her and not Hannah. Temperance will probably go into a coma or maybe have the bullet lodged some where which can cause her death. Booth will be following her around like a puppy dog, which will make Hannah realize that he is in love with temperance and will move on.

  • LKS in Dallas

    I agree, this season wasn’t anywhere near as fun to watch or as good as the past seasons. Something is lacking. Bones is just not the same character anymore. Did they get some new writers? I wish they would take Hannah off, she’s about as interesting as dirt and they just don’t have any chemistry at all.

  • Crissi

    How I hope that you are right!

  • A. T.O

    Agreed, Bones isn’t the same anymore. Last episode, much as I loved the last bit where she had her epiphany, wasn’t her at all. “Talking” to a victim and seeing nothing wrong with that? C’mon writers.

  • courtney

    If I was a smart writer, I would have my own ideas about where the show was going, but I would also listen to the fans. The show can’t survive without the fan base supporting it, if they keep moving away from what the fans want to watch, their ratings will drop significantly, in fact, I’m going to confidently assume that’s already happened, which is probably why this sniper is coming in to shake things up and restore our Booth and Brennan harmony. and just personally, everything that happens between Brennan and Booth, happens in their eyes. When they look at each other, when Booth looks at Brennan.
    Chemistry like that, can’t be replicated by another actress, it’s solely between that one pair. Which is where their success and ratings lye.

  • bones

    Wow … I agree I hate hannah totally wrong for booth. I would have thought that the writers would have grown on the booth and brennan relationship… I was even expecting marriage somewhere in the story line. Come on… and then making Hannah and Bones friends and everyone liking hannah (what was that about?) she can’t replace the chemistry between bones and any of the other cast members like angella. But then at first i also hated the introduction of the camille character. I guess I grew to accept her as she came to respect booth and bones relationship and in the end it did win out over her and booth’s pass.

  • CTteach

    I think they must have gotten new writers. Bones has always been out of touch with pop culture and sentimentality, but used to seem like her lack of emotional involvement in much of her life was a protection mechanism. Now she just seems like she’s got some form of Asperger’s. She used to sometimes let her guard down and those were the moments between her and Booth that we all waited for.

    She’s totally different, and it all started when they had Booth leave on the airplane without kissing her. I have stopped watching the show, because they missed their opportunity to satisfy everyone’s hopes for their relationship…