Bones Season 6 Spoilers Mid-Season Finale-Brennan Has To Reevaluate Everything

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November 17, 2010

Thanks to TV Guide we have some spoilery goodness about the mid-season finale. It’s going to be the highly anticipated episode which is shot entirely from Brennan’s perspective. I know I have been waiting for this one all season and “Bones” has definitely taken it up a notch so far – should be eye opening ;).

When is Brennan finally going to wake up and see what she’s missing with Booth on Bones? — Sara
ADAM: Sooner than you think. In the midseason finale, Brennan investigates the murder of a workaholic, and Bones quickly draws parallels to her own life. “She’s forced to face feelings that she’s never had to deal with before,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says. “She confronts the fact that this woman was running her whole life from feeling anything and she has to confront whether she’s going to run her whole life from feeling anything. It butts right up against her relationship with Booth and the past five years of history.”