Bones Season 6 Spoilers Hart Hanson Talks Booth And Possible Crossovers

Bones Season 6 Spoilers Hart Hanson Talks Booth And Possible Crossovers

Buddy TV got the dish on "Bones", as well as the upcoming spin off series. Creator Hart Hanson spoils about the rest of season 6, possible crossovers and much more.

BuddyTV: Do you have any sort of an end-date in mind for Bones? How long do you see the show lasting?

Hart Hanson: We don't know our end date, that depends upon the network. We do know how we'd like to end the series ... which means that this time of year is a little bit anxiety inducing for us because we haven't been picked up for Season VII yet and if Bones is to end in Season VI we're exactly at the point when we'd like to start the run toward our planned ending. But we are confident of being picked up, despite the anxiety. And TV is not well known for a lack of panic and instant adjustment.

I think Bones has a few more years left in it. A very solid cast, a good story engine, and engaging lead actors - it's lightning in a bottle. But the TV Gods are capricious and audiences very hard to both claim and keep. That's a long way of saying "who knows?"
BuddyTV: Will there be any crossover between Bones and the spin-off series after the initial episode? How do you see the two shows' universes interacting?

Hart Hanson: I'm sincerely touched that you think I'm capable of thinking that far in the future. Bones and the spin-off series will be copacetic in terms of tones and universe, so it's by no means impossible. But getting through this season of Bones and getting this spin off up and going is taking all my brain juice. I sincerely hope that in six months this is a vital, pertinent, and timely question.

Via Twitter, @wellsbones asked: How will Booth be changed by the incident with the sniper? How do you expect fans to react when Booth's actions seem unbecoming to such a hero?

Hart Hanson: Booth's actions are utterly heroic. You may not always see why at first but you will later and I would expect the fans to appreciate that about our Booth.

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