Bones Season 6 Spoilers Girl Fights And Snipers

Bones Season 6 Spoilers Girl Fights And Snipers

"Bones" comes back to Fox tomorrow with a bang, literally. There is so much that's going to go down in the next few episodes fans will not want to miss a second. E Online caught up with Emily Deschanel~Brennan and David Boreanaz~Booth to grill them for some spoilery goodness, and they were happy to oblige.

"I think that Booth will find himself really in a place where he'll make some decisions," David tells us. "And I think he'll come to a big decision whether or not he wants to continue with the present relationship he's in now or maybe go back to the one everyone wants him to go back to." Choosing between Temperance and Hannah (Katheryn Winnick)? It's about to be a girlfight! Right?

Wrong. "We're not exactly girlfight kind of people," laughs Emily. "She (Hannah) catches wind that I have feelings for Booth and she addresses that with me and it's interesting. I think we both like each other and that almost makes it worse." Two girls wanting the same guy and getting along? What's the fun in that?

But fans thirsting for blood that doesn't involve hair-pulling and face-scratching can find it in the upcoming sniper storyline, which is almost upon us. "We have a sniper coming up who may go over a few episodes," Emily explains. "It's an arc that's action-packed and intense and dramatic. And Booth may have come across [the sniper] in his life before because he's quite a good sniper himself, being an Army ranger before." Not only is the sniper going to cause some physical damage, but he's about to infiltrate Booth's mental world.

"It's a character that Booth has known in his past, a guy who's coming back to cause some damage and create some problems for the people that he's around and also for Booth's mentality," reveals David, who directed the first episode featuring the sniper. "Emotionally it was interesting to see how Booth was revved up during the whole episode, trying to figure out who this sniper was, get into his mind and find out who it was at the end. It's going to be an interesting arc."