Bones Season 6 Spoilers EW's Various Spoilery Tidbits

Bones Season 6 Spoilers EW's Various Spoilery Tidbits

Thanks to EW, I have some spoilery news to share about "Bones". These spoilers are from several upcoming episodes that will air when the show returns with it's Winter premiere, January 20th.

• During that blizzard episode, “Angela and Hodgins are gonna have to deal with some news that they get involving Angela’s pregnancy.”

• He’s just starting cutting the Feb. 10 proposal episode, which has a murder set in the world of BMX. “The opening scene might be one of my favorite scenes ever. It’s Booth and Sweets just knocking back shots, getting drunk at a bar. Ohmygod, it’s very funny,” he says. Booth is offering Sweets counsel on his relationship with Daisy. We know there are two proposals on the way. Are they both in that episode? All he’ll say is, “That one is chalked full of goodies.”

• He’s looking forward to an episode revolving around a murder that takes place in the world of Radical Honesty. “It’s not a cult, but it’s a group of people who all believe that the world would be a better place if everyone were completely and totally honest about absolutely everything. So there’s no question that these people will not answer truthfully. There’s no such thing as a little white lie. There’s no such thing as stretching the truth. You think of that, if you are radically honest in that way, everybody’s gonna wanna kill you at some point. So it’s a very funny world for us to kill somebody in,” he says, laughing. “That’s just a little bit of sickness that we throw in every now and then.” Brennan should have an interesting take on that. “Oh, absolutely,” he says. “Brennan’s take on what honesty really means, and also Booth, who is probably the most moral guy on television, what honesty means to him and when it is moral not to be honest.”

• The body farm episode is shaping up nicely: “We find a bunch of feet that wash up on the shore of the border between Canada and the United States, so there’s a little border dispute about whose feet they are – Canadian feet or American feet – and they wind up taking us to a body farm,” he says.

• The episode that would feature The Locator, the character being considered for a potential spinoff series, will likely air in April. They’re hoping to shoot in February, which means we should be hearing some casting news any day now. Booth and Brennan will travel to Key West, Fla. for a case. That’s where the spinoff would be set. “There have been a lot of terrific actors who have come in, a lot of people who everybody has liked. With a character like this, you just have to find the perfect fit. So even if someone is a brilliant actor, somebody you love, it might not quite work,” Nathans says. “It’s all casting. You want to find people you want to see every single week do one unique character. That’s why when you have Hugh Laurie, who is essentially playing a very unlikable character, you love to see him. And that is a rare, rare quality to find. And the finder won’t be an unlikeable character, but because it is a unique character, it’s difficult to find just the right person.”