Bones Season 6 Spoilers Daisy’s Return, Hogela’s Baby And Casting Scoop

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March 8, 2011

Bones is taking a brief hiatus right now, but fortunately I have a nice spoiler round-up to help pass the time more easily. There’s everything from Daisy’s return to Hogela’s baby, with a casting scoop as a side dish :), all thanks to EW.

Daisy will be back before the end of the season, as executive producer Stephan Nathan told me last week. Beyond that, there’s really no telling. As for Angela and Hodgin’s baby, I know the ‘news’ will be a blow to the couple. My gut tells me, however, that it will ultimately bring them closer together and make for some truly unforgettable Hogela moments.

Caroline (Patricia Belcher) will definitely be back “a few more times this year,” according to Nathan. As for Max (Ryan O’Neal), he said they’re “hoping” for a return, but it is still in the works. If I had to guess, they’re doing the schedule tango.

Casting is on to find a talented youngster of about 15 who can pull off playing a deaf person who is unable to communicate that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) has to identify. In a chat, Nathan said it’s quite a tall order for a young female guest star. “They find her and Brennan is called upon to ID a live person because they have no idea who this girl is, where she came from. And this episode, which is also a task for a forensic anthropologist, Brennan has to determine whether or not this is a minor or someone who’s of age and ultimately place where she came from and who she is, all from an uncooperative and uncommunicative live person. That’s going to be a very good episode; that’s episode 21.” Calling EW’s casting team! Suggestions? Who’s got the acting chops for this one?