Bones Season 6 Spoilers A Proposal and A Sniper

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November 17, 2010

EW has an exclusive that will leave “Bones” fans both breathless and in limbo for the holidays. A proposal is coming and it’s for real, plus more on the serial sniper moving into Booth’s territory.

Bones fans are used to being teased, but executive producer Stephen Nathan wants to give you plenty of time to think about this one: “There will be a proposal coming, probably during February Sweeps,” he tells us. “It is my mission to torture the fans with this one. There will be a proposal. It will be a real proposal. And it will move things forward in a way that I think the fans will like.” Which couple is it? Nathan wouldn’t rule anyone out for us, except for Hodgins and Angela, obviously, since they’re already wed.

The sniper arc: The show will return with a bang, literally, in the New Year, when this story line is introduced on Jan. 20. David Boreanaz directed that episode in which sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo, who’s signed for three episodes) takes out a recurring character. “It’s a great story for Booth, because Booth, being a sniper, has to confront another sniper who has taken what Booth considers to be a difficult but somewhat noble profession and perverted it,” Nathan says. “Booth always felt that he was doing the right thing, and now somebody else is doing something horrible for all the right reasons in their mind. They’ve justified this. So it’s a great character examination for Booth to have to confront what it means to be a sniper.”

Read EW’s full article for the rest of the spoilery goodness :).