Bones Season 6 Spoilers A Death, A ‘Sweet’ Hour And A Long Lost Intern

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March 15, 2011

Thanks to EW I can answer some burning Bones questions for the fandom. There’s news about the upcoming death, a ‘Sweets’ heavy hour and our long lost Zackaroni (Zack).

  • There’s still no confirmation about which major Bones character will get killed before season’s end.
  • John Francis Daley spoils about the upcoming Mythbusters-themed Bones episode He co wrote the episode with writing partner Jonathan Goldstein. Daley teases it will be a ‘Sweets’ heavy hour due to the absence of Emily Deschanel and Davad Boreanaz for half of the filming.
  • Stephan Nathan reveals that long lost intern Zack~Eric Millegan, aka Zackaroni, will not likely return anytime soon. He explains that Millegan’s schedule as well as storyline conflicts have contributed to the decision. 
  • J.R.

    It stinks that we don’t get a chance to see Zach this season. They really need to find a way to bring him back!