Bones Season 6 Spoilers Hannah Is Sticking Around, Plus More

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October 28, 2010

We haven’t had a good “Bones” spoiler in awhile, but Ausiello has come through for us. We have news on Hannah’s departure date and what she’ll be stirring up in the next few episodes.

Question: Which episode marks Hannah’s permanent exit from Bones? —Lexie
Ausiello: That’s awfully presumptuous of you, Lexie. The fact is, Katheryn Winnick’s stint as Booth’s lover (and Brennan’s new BFF) doesn’t actually have an end date. “We don’t know how long she’s going to be with us this season,” says Nathan. “We want to keep it open. Hannah’s story is still evolving; we don’t know how we want to wrap it up. And even if she does go away, we want to leave open the possibility that she may come back.”

Question: It’s been a while since we’ve had any good Bones scoops. Do you have any interesting information to get me through the baseball hiatus? —Amy
Ausiello: How ’bout another tidbit about everyone’s favorite character, Hannah. “I’m working on an episode right now where Brennan and Hannah’s friendship is tested,” reveals Nathan. “It relates to something that happened between Booth and Brennan at the end of the Brennan-centric episode. It creates some friction between Booth, Brennan, and Hannah that has to be worked out.” Hmm…any thoughts on what happens between B&B? Hit the comments!

  • Mystery Dragon

    I guess the Bones writers don’t want a job next season. If they insist on pushing the Hannah issue, I can guarantee they will not have a job. As far as, the Hannah/Bones being friends, they aren’t. All we have even seen of Hannah is her butt in bed with Booth. And that is way to much.

  • bingobear

    i agree

  • bingobear

    post didn’t go thru I agree with mystery

  • BonesFan

    They can do away with Hannah…the sexual tension between Booth and Bones is enough to keep most watching. Hannah isn’t a character I want around (I’m jealous for Bones) and Hannah shouldn’t call her “Bones”, that nickname is reserved for Booth. I need a life, LOL.

  • Cooljazthe1

    I agree, Hannah needs to leave, no one wants to see her, I can’t even work up the energy to watch anymore cuz I’m so sick of Hannah. Bones doesn’t hold my interest like it used to.

  • Amygeorge

    I can barely watch the episodes now. I actually TIVO thru scenes b/c they are so boring and pointless. Hannah is irritating as hell. Some of the Guest casts suck! That girl last night with the cane, UGH! Plus the long haired blond at the club, Jeez. I agree with Mystery Dragon, apparently none of the writers want a Season 7. This show sux now.

  • Annabeth

    I usually hate people who are shippers to the point of not caring about the rest of the show, but in the case of “Bones,” the shipping really IS the whole show. I have been a die-hard viewer of this show since the beginning, but I’ve seen only one episode this season due to the whole Hannah issue. Do the writers really not get why people watch “Bones”? It ain’t for the crackerjack crimesolving, that’s for sure. I hope they’ll come to their senses by Feb. sweeps at least; I guess I’m interested in seeing “Bones” again someday. Or I might’ve forgotten about it by then.

  • Orcid

    Not really Hannah and Bones have become friends. We hate Hannah because we love B/B not because of the character. We know they won’t stay together because it would wreak havoc on the ratings. My bet is she breaks up with him which would then justify our hatred of Hannah

  • Jessica Lauren Bastone

    I could be wrong but weren’t they already renewed for a season 7? It is still one of the top rating show with around 9 million viewers…it doesn’t seem to be leaving…though if Hannah is in another episode next week I call we have a petition for her to leave. Hopefully we don’t see her for the next 5 or 16 episodes lol :)

  • Audicabrio

    I personally think the sexual tension between Booth and Brennan has disappeared. Bones has gotten more quirky and in some scenes, it seems to irritate Booth. It’s Season 6 and this is the time the show starts to lose viewers. I don’t want Booth and Brennan to get together, but I wish they would evolve the Brennan character some. It just seems she has reverted back to the unsocialized Brennan from the beginning.

  • jsvitkona

    I agree… I haven’t watched the entire season 6 because of Hannah. I will not watch season 6 until I know that Hannah left. Hannah is hurting the ratings.

  • Wolf

    I like Hannah personally. I hate when shows make the main characters get involved, it has ruined every show that uses this dynamic. People can be friends and work closely together and not be in a sexual relationship. I say give Hannah (Kathryn Winnik) a chance and keep an open mind about things. Bring back Sully for Brennan or have her met someone new. Break the mold for once and not have the main characters get in a relationship.

  • Kjhk

    I agree with the whole “bones meeting someone new” concept. I don’t know how you guys feel, but what pained me the most about this last episode (10), was seeing her suffer because she was alone. Even more so than Hannah’s presence. LOL

  • B.O.O

    The tension between B&B is not right! Don’t like watching this. It was better when there was still the opportunity booth and brennan would hook up..

  • ObsessedWithBones3000

    I agree with pretty much all of you. I can barely get myself to watch Bones sometimes because of Hannah. I didn’t really want her to leave because I don’t want to see Booth heart-broken but after the last episode (“The Doctor In The Photo”) I really wish she would just leave. There is only one thing that keeps me watching Bones. That one thing is the promo for the next episode (“The Bullet In The Brain”). If you haven’t seen it here is the link:

  • Jfd

    I stopped watching Bones since the introduction of Hannah. After six seasons of “will they, won’t they,” only to return Bones and Booth back to square one, the show has become boring and pointless. The murder mysteries are nothing remarkable, and the BB team is no longer interesting to watch. Plus there are now some newer shows that handle the romance aspect much better (Chuck, Fringe, Castle, House, etc.) and whose characters offer relationships that actually evolve and keep your interest. If the Bones writers need to learn how its done, they could always review some of these shows, or maybe review the “gold standard” of TV romance stories, “Farscape.”

  • BlondTech

    You stated it well. In the absence of new episodes and the poorly written ones that do finally come on, I’ve switched to watching some of the old episodes. The charm and chemistry between the Booth and Brennan characters, plus the end of case insight into both of them was part of the appeal of the show. It’s sad, as the old episodes show how poorly written the new ones are. There is almost an arrogance and lack of care in the writing. There is no chemistry between Hannah and Booth and Booth’s character seems disconnected and impatient with everyone. Brennan is back at square one (maybe two) socially. The only bright spots are is Angela and Hodgins well acted delight, the rotation of the interns and the oddities of the cases. Farscape was incredible, I would add The Glades to your list, and remember it was Fox that blew off Firefly.

  • Agabrielle16

    I think it would be fine if they made another season b/c if they kill it after 6 most of those who are huge fans like me would sit around all day thinking about what would be. They should just get rid of Hannah she make it suck. Not the whole show it was fine until she got there. Booth and Bones relationship is confusing enough without and trouble…. Hannah’s trouble. B/B is perfict for each other.