Bones Season 6 Episode 9 “The Doctor In The Photo” Brennan Made A Mistake With Booth

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December 7, 2010

Zap2it had a chance to chat with Emily Deschanel about Thursday’s Brennan-centric episode of “Bones”, “The Doctor In The Photo”. She talks about how she’s forced to examine her feelings for Booth in a whole new light, and is faced with the alarming conclusion that she may have made a mistake by turning him down.

“It forces Brennan into a place where she’s bold and aware of her feelings in a way she hasn’t been before,” says Deschanel. And to go to that place, she had to let the waterworks loose. That’s a kind of emotion Deschanel really hasn’t had to call upon in her six seasons of playing Brennan.”

“That was one of those scenes where you know [it's] there and you prepare for it, and then you’re like, ‘It’s OK if i don’t cry, I don’t have to cry,’” she explains, “But walking in, everyone is expecting that. There’s a lot of pressure with that.”

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