Bones Season 6 Episode 23 “The Change In The Game” First Look

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April 17, 2011

Creator/EP Hart Hanson has been busy in negotiations for season 7 of Bones, but still managed to tweet this awesome Hogela episode still from the set yesterday. Anglea and Hodgin’s baby bundle will be born during the season 6 finale, while the parents to be assist in a case via Skype.
Special thanks to Wetpaint.

  • Em52shorty

    i cannot believe that we did not get to see any of the love scene that led up to the finalle. can you please refer to it and give the many bones fans so of what brought this on in the season primiere 

  • Vanessamf

     I agree.  No love scenes between Bones and Booth??!!  I’ve been waiting for so long,  a bit disappointing!!!  And now Bones is pregnant?!

  • Isaline-b

     Oh my god !! La fin de l’épisode 23 (saison 6) est incroyable !!C’est trop exellent !! Quel fin inattendu !!
    Moi qui avait peur de se que ça allai donner si B&B finisais ensemble, là les créateur m’on bleuffer. C’est trop fort comment il ont amné la chose, Qu’elle suprise, ont s’y attendais pas !! J’adorrrrrre