Bones Season 6 Episode 18 “The Truth In The Myth” Sweets Teases Myth-Centric Connection For Booth And Brennan

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March 25, 2011

I have some spoilery details to pass along about the myth-centric Bones episode that will air April 14th, “The Truth In The Myth”. John Francis Daley co-wrote the episode and promises their will be plenty of Booth and Brennan scenes to please the fandom. He also teases that the team will be confronted with various myths; ie statues crying tears of blood and yetis. This will force our Jeffersonian ‘Scooby Gang’ to examine their own personal beliefs.

“We show more of Booth and Brennan connecting in the sense that one of them believes one thing and the other believes another, and yet they figure out how they can both agree upon certain things,” Daley says. “In this case, Booth feels like there is the possibility of the existence of mythological creatures like this, as he would, and Brennan, who is strictly scientific, is always going to try and disprove that. But they meet on a middle ground in this episode, because she is willing to admit that there are things out there that science still hasn’t explained yet, and is open to the possibility of there being something else out there.”

Source: EW

  • caro1212

    That is good to know, as per this will help them understand more of each other that will be practical for there relationship in the future.