Bones Season 6 Episode 17 “The Feet On The Beach” 3 Sneak Peeks

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April 7, 2011

I have three gross-tastic sneak peeks to spoil for Bones, “The Feet On The Beach”. After seven pairs of feet was ashore, Brennan and Booth are lead to a Canadian ‘Body Farm’ where they form an alliance with a forensic podiatrist, Dr. Douglas Filmore.

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  • BadKitty

    The last two were the same sneak peak.

  • caro1212

    Hey what do you know, they are back as the good hold crime fitting duo as before. They did the case on there hown, no Caroline no Sweet’s as before just them to as David Boreana Sais about a month ago or so. Like the good old time’s Booth got trough Bones about how to speak to people.

    Will they where driving back when Booth said to Bones something like (I know you Bones, you are not this cold heartless person you can let hin in to the secret) It was something like that if I got it right.

    And at the end talking thing over at the Foundering Father’s.

    There is hope yet for the happy endings that wee seek.