Bones Season 6 Episode 16 “The Blackout In The Blizzard” Promo

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March 11, 2011

The Mummy, I mean Sniper~Arnold Vosloo is definitly back! Bones was a hit last night reuniting our would be couple, Booth and Brennan, like nothing horrible, Hannah, ever happened. Fox has released the sexy promo for next week’s epiosde, “The Blackout In The Blizzard”. Sound off below with your thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately this season I’ve come to not expect too much however I really felt “hopeful” watching the promo! The last two episodes were the best of the entire season because there was humor again between B&B, still no Booth “looks” yet but my fingers and toes are crossed that HH doesn’t screw things up again!

  • Lili

    OH Dear god those two have to end up together eventually. Booth, haha booth he was just like, “awkward, yet true” at the same time it was so funny. oh i can’t wait for next week i’m so anxious for it it’s ridiculous!

  • caro1212

    It was nice last Thursday night when wee saw the B and B duo back, having fun and talking again like b4. And just like that they ran in each other will jogging, and he say’s to her want some company. Can’t wait for this week’s episode it’s a start.

  • Shsykes

    I loved the Killer in the Crosshairs episode. Even though I would love to see B & B together if they put them in the sack this soon, it won’t work for me. I think that Brennan was maybe talking hypothetical what if scenario.

  • caro1212

    Hey guys have seen this interview that David Boreanaz as given to Red Carpet

    David Boreanaz: “I Look Forward” to Booth and Brennan Together
    I think that you will,” he said. “I was thinking about that today, how that would affect the show, and I think in a show like this and the way these two characters relate to each other it might be interesting to see them actually do a season where they are together; and see how much fun we can have. I look forward to that.” So do we!

    But it won’t happen before Valentine’s Day… or even soon after. Boreanaz added, “It’s not for a while.” Break our hearts, why don’t you?

    So let’s not give up

  • Ironman

    Well to be onest im a big fan of this show,whay im a big fan?!
    Because the actors,the atmosphere,the show itself has some magic in it that makes u to go emotional and really opens your heart besides the dead bodies :D:D
    But i think its time to see Booth and Bones together already and turn this show little bit in to a overdrive which will makes this show to be alot more better then the ussual crime shows like CSI-LasVegas,NewYork,Miami and etc… and my opinion is that this show is one of the best crime shows out there,the very best.So its time Booth and Bones to start to work on there sexual workouts in a scientific way ^^ :P