Bones Season 6 Episode 13 “The Daredevil In The Mold” The Big Proposal

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February 9, 2011

“Bones” fans are in for a treat with tomorrow night’s episode, “The Daredevil In The Mold”. The big proposal is on everyone’s mind and according to Stephen Nathan and TV Guide it’s going to be a satisfying game changer.

I’m so worked up about this Bones proposal. Please tell me who Booth is going to ask to marry him! — Lisa
ADAM: Where’s the fun in that? Executive producer Stephen Nathan summed up the episode in three words: Big. Game. Changer. “We’ve existed this whole year with Booth and Brennan accepting, admitting and also denying their feelings for each another and with Booth in a very serious relationship with another woman — much to the dismay of a lot of fans,” Nathan says with a laugh. “I think the episode will be a satisfying conclusion to this story line and also a great start for the next development that happens in the show emotionally. It will be very difficult and very painful, and David [Boreanaz] really brings that home.”

  • Susan

    Let’s hope this is for real and not more hype! Maybe we’ll finally be done with the hannah stuff and on to B&B “real” relationship without all of the childish fear now that Booth knows how Bones really feels and hopefully will be in touch with how he really feels, too! I’m hoping!!!!! By the way, David always brings it in!

  • Susan

    Hopefully Booth will “finally” end it with Hannah, start a real relationship with Bones and make everyone happy and put an end to this horrible (so far) season!